Thursday, December 22


Sandro is a new line from Paris.  They are a label to watch since their pieces are so well-tailored and exude an understated effortless yet edgy chic.  That's a lot of paradoxical descriptions so I'm pretty excited to see what they're going to do next.  Dresses range from $200-600.

Photos courtesy of Sandro-Paris.

Tuesday, December 20

A magazine curated by Rodarte

David Armstrong's photographs of Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte A/W 2011

Monday, December 19


The fashion industry isn’t generally concerned with social justice or making the world a better place. Just making it prettier. But new label Maiyet aims to do both.  Maiyet partners with artisans in communities in India, Colombia, Kenya and Indonesia (to name a few countries) and works their craft into design elements of the line. “We take their skill set and do the design work ourselves and harness that skill set into their looks.”  Barneys has picked up the entire collection so be sure to look out for Maiyet in stores this upcoming Fall.

Photos courtesy and description of fashionista.

Proenza Schouler PS1 Blanket Jacquard

 Last night, I had a dream that I was in a consignment and/or thrift store and I had to decide whether or not to buy this PS1 Blanket Jacquard bag that wasn't in great condition.  I spent a lot of time in this dream deciding whether or not I needed a third PS1 bag in terrible condition.  I don't know if I bought it but I know this bag is occupying my subconscious.  I'm a weirdo with a problem - what's wrong with me that I dream about used PS1 bags?

Do you obsess about something to the point that you own too many of them, collect them, or (day)dream about them?

Pony Hair Rag & Bone Newbury Boot

 Rag & Bone exclusive Classic Newbury Boot in Black Pony, Mini Spot and Cow Print. Props to the woman who can pull off the Cow Print - that would be true a satorialist moment. I've wanted these boots since forever!  Here are two others that I also love - black leather and OLIVE leather:

The trick to Rag & Bone's shoes comfort is their padded French calf leather footbed. Heaven.

Wednesday, December 14

Lanvin Horseshoe Heel Patent-Leather Pumps

Just wild.  I adore the juxtaposition of the wood with hot pink patent in these Lanvin Horseshoe-heel Patent Leather Pumps.  Talk about a statement piece.   I've been on some sort of internet shoe binge lately - they are so fun to look at.  They are sold at The Outnet, which is this amazing site with discounted designer goods.  (good ones too)  They're 55% off right now!

Reed Krakoff Metal-Heel Calf Hair Mules

My friend Sunny wrote me last night telling me that for goodness sakes, someone needs to buy these shoes because they are too good of a deal to pass up and too beautiful.  Unfortunately I just bought a little baby LV purse yesterday at Moss, a consignment shop so like Sunny said, someone needs to buy these from net-a-porter's insane sale.    It would be a crime otherwise.

Shoes were originally: $898 and on sale for $269

Sunday, December 11

Staple: Investment Black Platform Booties

Isn't it hard to find the perfect functional yet stylist boot during the winter months? One that is made with quality, comfortable and an investment piece all in one that will never go out of style?

Lately, I've been obsessed with finding the perfect sky high platform booties. The platform is amazing because it doesn't strain your feet but you get the height and confidence that comes with wearing heels. Below are some options for staple black boots on sale because as you know, I also pretty much don't buy a single thing full-price ever.

Here is my criteria for sky high boots or heels in general:

(1) Rubber soles (crepe is the best)
(2) Platform that elevates your foot no more than 3.5 inches
(3) Stacked heels!
(4) Secure fit such as a boot (aka not strappy)
(5) Order up and wear socks if they are boots
(6) Buy arch supports because they make a world of a difference
(7) Wear tights if your shoes are too tight - they make your foot slightly smaller
(8) Wait until they go on sale because they always do (except for the Rachel Comey Pen Pal?)

Here are my picks for functional yet beautiful heels:
(Don't let them intimidate you!
They all have platforms and are ALL on sale.
Click to see your savings!)
ASOS AMAZE Wool Boot With Perspex Block Heel (Sale $51.81)
(Asos is having an amazing sale with almost all boots under $100 right now!)

(5 inch stacked heel and 1 inch platform)

(4.5 inch heel and 1.5 inch platform)

(4.5 inch heel and 1 inch platform)
(Rag & Bone have the most comfortable soles of any brand I've ever worn. Hands down.

(4.5 inch chunky heel and .5 inch platform)

(4.5 inch heel and 1 inch platform)
Crepe heel!

LD Tuttle probably makes one of the most comfortable soles on the market in general.
Ask anyone with a pair.
It's one of it's one of the most outstanding aspects
in addition to the gorgeous bandage design.
Banana Republic Selby Bootie (4 inches high) Sale $119 + 30% off
Banana always has flash sales as well the fact that go up to 40% off constantly
so be sure to check for what deal is happening almost on a daily basis!
Made with Memory Foam Comfort Sole

Which boot would you get (let's say if you had an unlimited budget)?
Or what boots have you had your eye on this winter?

Friday, December 9

Outfit #3

Jacket: I.N.C.; Dress: Forever 21; Camisole: Uniqlo; Scarf: Zara; Tights: Wolfords; Shoes: Colonial Madness by LD Tuttle; Necklace: J. Crew; Rings: Elizabeth and James and jewelMint; Sunglasses: Versace (yes, I got them); Lipstick: Poppy King for J. Crew; Bag: Proenza Schouler

Today's outfit, minus the bag, was budget-friendly.  The leather jacket, which I recently picked up at Macys, was only $35 for me.  (It was originally $250).  God I love a good deal.  I am also wearing the No Foundation Foundation by Perricone and I think it's amazing.  I'm going to pick it up sometime soon.  It matches everyone's skin tone -- it's sort of creepy how it works.

Monday, December 5 giveaway

It's the beginning of the week and I know I didn't look forward to waking up this morning.   Is it just me but do I always look the most tired on Monday mornings?  I know that I can always tell when looking in the mirror that it's my eyes.  In fact, people straight up say to me: "Are you okay? You look tired." 

Lately though, I've started a pretty religious skin care routine for day time and night time and it's doing wonders to my skin.  I'm a big Sephora + drug store blend skin care kind of gal but I know that Perricone is absolutely one of the best skincare lines out there.  (If you're into skincare, I'm sure you know that Dr. Perricone knows what's up and that it's the crème de la crème of skincare.)

So when Perricone contacted me to host a $150 giveaway for one of my readers to shop at:, I was more than thrilled.  I mean, seriously -- this is an amazing giveaway.  If you're not sure if you need skin care products, (if you're reading this you must be 16+), it never hurts to start early.  Even if it just means eye cream and spf 30+ day moisturizer.  Prevention is key!

If you're 24+, your skin stops producing it's own natural oils at this age and this is what starts the "aging process."  Now it's obviously determined by lifestyle, diet, and genetics but making sure to wear 
SPF 30+, eye cream and a rich night cream is crucial to maintaining long-term beautiful and even-toned skin.   Honestly, it's also not too early to start using anti-wrinkle prevention products because this is when the possibility to develop wrinkles begins.   From my personal in-depth research for anti-aging, I highly recommend the Advanced Eye Area Therapy or the Advanced Face Firming Activating Therapy.

Let's be real, most skin care gurus can agree that Perricone has one of the best wrinkle cream removers on the market.  Last Christmas I bought my mom the Concentrated Restorative Treatment and she's addicted!  Her skin has never looked so amazing for as long as I've known her  -- I swear on my closet.   True story: my mother is unbelievably thrifty but now, she'll buy Perricone because she knows it's worth it.  In fact, she almost gets too enthusiastic and weirdly possessive when I mention Perricone or give her anything Perricone because she loves it so much.   (This is coming from a woman who never spends more than $10 on a piece of clothing and an average of $5.)  That being said...

In order to enter the $150 giveaway, you just need to share in the comments your email address, and which Perricone product valued at $150* or less they want or need and why.  

Pass this on to your friends and family!  (Especially your mom and sisters.)  Anyone in the U.S. can enter!  Winner will be announced on December 20th.  

And the winner of the giveaway is Joanna!  Congratulations Joanna and thanks everyone else for participating.  (New giveaway coming up after the new year!) 


Sunday, December 4

Lisa Eldridge Beauty Holiday Gift Guide


My bff Jordan tipped me off to make up artist extraordinaire Lisa Eldridge's youTube makeup channel recently and it has the best makeup tutorial videos I've ever seen, period.   I don't even use youTube so my obsession really speaks to how amazing her channels are.  She keeps it so accessible, natural, environmentally conscious, and stunning all at the same time.  How is that possible? She sort of looks like Natalie Portman too, which is just unfair because she's so smart, beautiful and talented already!  Check it out. 

The reason this is a featured gift guide of the millions out there is because Lisa is so artistic, intelligent and thoughtful.  I want every single gift on here!  It features unique (and often hard to find) makeup, candles, skincare, bath products, and even makeup bags for anyone because they're just a bit fancy and tried-and-true enough for any of your good but hard-to-buy-for friends.

Here's one of my favorite tutorials for dramatic eye makeup:

Thursday, December 1

Barneys Accessories and Bag Sale

I want these things but I sort of have them.   They are all 40% off and I can't afford them right now but if you've wanted any of these things, these sales are pretty amazing on these specific items (i.e. they rarely go on sale) so I expect these pieces to go fast.  Knock yourself out if you can and let me know what you end up getting to I can live vicariously through you.  

$239.00 SALE

$269.00 SALE

$1,159.00 SALE

$1,579.00 SALE

I know the prices are intense but for the bags, you can always sell them back on eBay once you're over them, if you'll ever be.  I've always made back the bags that I've worn for the same price if not more than I paid for.  A designer bag on sale is an investment in shopping wisely.  Trust me, stranger things have happened.

Barneys did not pay me for this - I just have a problem, that's all.