Thursday, December 1

Barneys Accessories and Bag Sale

I want these things but I sort of have them.   They are all 40% off and I can't afford them right now but if you've wanted any of these things, these sales are pretty amazing on these specific items (i.e. they rarely go on sale) so I expect these pieces to go fast.  Knock yourself out if you can and let me know what you end up getting to I can live vicariously through you.  

$239.00 SALE

$269.00 SALE

$1,159.00 SALE

$1,579.00 SALE

I know the prices are intense but for the bags, you can always sell them back on eBay once you're over them, if you'll ever be.  I've always made back the bags that I've worn for the same price if not more than I paid for.  A designer bag on sale is an investment in shopping wisely.  Trust me, stranger things have happened.

Barneys did not pay me for this - I just have a problem, that's all.  

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