Sunday, December 11

Staple: Investment Black Platform Booties

Isn't it hard to find the perfect functional yet stylist boot during the winter months? One that is made with quality, comfortable and an investment piece all in one that will never go out of style?

Lately, I've been obsessed with finding the perfect sky high platform booties. The platform is amazing because it doesn't strain your feet but you get the height and confidence that comes with wearing heels. Below are some options for staple black boots on sale because as you know, I also pretty much don't buy a single thing full-price ever.

Here is my criteria for sky high boots or heels in general:

(1) Rubber soles (crepe is the best)
(2) Platform that elevates your foot no more than 3.5 inches
(3) Stacked heels!
(4) Secure fit such as a boot (aka not strappy)
(5) Order up and wear socks if they are boots
(6) Buy arch supports because they make a world of a difference
(7) Wear tights if your shoes are too tight - they make your foot slightly smaller
(8) Wait until they go on sale because they always do (except for the Rachel Comey Pen Pal?)

Here are my picks for functional yet beautiful heels:
(Don't let them intimidate you!
They all have platforms and are ALL on sale.
Click to see your savings!)
ASOS AMAZE Wool Boot With Perspex Block Heel (Sale $51.81)
(Asos is having an amazing sale with almost all boots under $100 right now!)

(5 inch stacked heel and 1 inch platform)

(4.5 inch heel and 1.5 inch platform)

(4.5 inch heel and 1 inch platform)
(Rag & Bone have the most comfortable soles of any brand I've ever worn. Hands down.

(4.5 inch chunky heel and .5 inch platform)

(4.5 inch heel and 1 inch platform)
Crepe heel!

LD Tuttle probably makes one of the most comfortable soles on the market in general.
Ask anyone with a pair.
It's one of it's one of the most outstanding aspects
in addition to the gorgeous bandage design.
Banana Republic Selby Bootie (4 inches high) Sale $119 + 30% off
Banana always has flash sales as well the fact that go up to 40% off constantly
so be sure to check for what deal is happening almost on a daily basis!
Made with Memory Foam Comfort Sole

Which boot would you get (let's say if you had an unlimited budget)?
Or what boots have you had your eye on this winter?

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