Sunday, December 4

Lisa Eldridge Beauty Holiday Gift Guide


My bff Jordan tipped me off to make up artist extraordinaire Lisa Eldridge's youTube makeup channel recently and it has the best makeup tutorial videos I've ever seen, period.   I don't even use youTube so my obsession really speaks to how amazing her channels are.  She keeps it so accessible, natural, environmentally conscious, and stunning all at the same time.  How is that possible? She sort of looks like Natalie Portman too, which is just unfair because she's so smart, beautiful and talented already!  Check it out. 

The reason this is a featured gift guide of the millions out there is because Lisa is so artistic, intelligent and thoughtful.  I want every single gift on here!  It features unique (and often hard to find) makeup, candles, skincare, bath products, and even makeup bags for anyone because they're just a bit fancy and tried-and-true enough for any of your good but hard-to-buy-for friends.

Here's one of my favorite tutorials for dramatic eye makeup:

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