Wednesday, June 22

Classic Coach Bags

Classic Coach Bags are back! A few years ago, I walked into a Coach store asking if they carried the classic line after looking online, only to walk away disappointed as the sales associate gave me a definite and all resounding "no."

My question was prompted after my grandmother's visit to my childhood home. Seeing her carefully cared for bag of 20 years or so, I felt nostalgic for the Coach bags that donned the shoulders of so many women who frequented department stores in the 90s. I remember staring into the glass cases and watching my mom purchase a "small leather shoulder bag" in black and sneaking gum in and out of it during my childhood (see above image).

So when emailed me the other day to announce that they now sell the "Classic Coach" line, I was absolutely floored, considering my mother has just voluntarily, without knowledge of the trend, given me her coveted coach bag from my childhood. Although these "classic" bags are pricy and have returned due to the amount of vintaged coach bags out there, they carry pieces that are almost impossible to find such as the leather field bag. Although I won't be able to afford these bags, I feel comforted that I could participate in my mother and her mother's investment in the Classic coach handbag tradition.

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