Tuesday, September 27

Vintage Junk and Funk Giveaway!

Hannah from vintage funk and trunk has generously offered a $25 giveaway and a promo code for 15% off on your first purchase at her adorable and affordable vintage online store. I love vintage clothes but am actually severely allergic to indoor dust and mold -- so, for me, vintagefunkandtrunk offers a great alternative of curated vintage clothes available for a very reasonable price.

To enter the giveaway for $25 to vintagefunkandtrunk, please comment on this post about how'd you describe your personal style.

Wednesday, September 21

Alexa Chung for Madewell Look Book Favs

I'm going to the launch party for Alexa Chung for Madewell tomorrow night and will probably take a preliminary gander at the collection.  For the most part, I am underwhelmed by the collection but it works if wearing something Alexa Chung wore makes you feel cool when it put it on the morning.    To each her own right?  At the party, to weigh in, I will be looking for the quality and price point of:

(1) The black biker jacket
(2) The actual shape of those black boots
(3) The leopard boots

Here to hoping the collection is well made in comparison to the last one and having a fun time sipping cocktails and nibbling cupcakes as 100 crazy women attack you for a $600 Alexa Chung jacket. 

Lookbook courtesy of fashionista.com

Tuesday, September 20

A.L.C. Fur Front Jacket

I saw this A.L.C. Fur Front Jacket within the first few seconds I walked into Barneys Co-op the other day.  It was the only thing I saw the entire time I browsed through the racks.  I tried it on and the collar pops perfectly and the fur is strategically placed so that it doesn't make you look bulkier.  It is on my unachievable wish list for fall. It is too good for words, I mean, look at it.

Monday, September 19

Who What Wear: Rebecca Minkoff

Today, Who What Wear featured Rebecca Minkoff's new fall collection as a line they love.  I think the pieces are chosen thoughtfully and create a cohesive vision of the glamour and chic opulence of fall.  I don't typically love Minkoff but I have to admit, this collection is to die for.  

My wishlist from these looks:
(1) The abbey biker jacket (Are you kidding me... the textures on this jacket are killing it.)
(2) The Proposal Purse

Image layout entirely courtesy of Who What Wear.

Burberry Spring Summer 2012


If you can overlook the hats, this collection delivers layers and layers of rich yet bright textures, colors and prints.  I especially love the beaded detailing on the collars, belts and shoes.  This collection features killer shoes and jackets.    I will probably never buy a Burberry piece because of their price but this collection makes it tempting because it feels like a departure from their usual classic trench pieces that are desperately being "reinvented."

Thursday, September 15

Jen Kao Spring/Summer 2012

I love the extreme juxtaposition of the multi-textured, insane prints, and layering of Jen Kao's S/S 2012 collection.  While on the surface this collection may not be the most cohesive, I actually appreciate the explosive creativity and beautiful craftsmanship (especially of the cut-outs) in each and everyone the pieces.  They remind me of the exuberant promise of spring in refreshing bloom.   

Tuesday, September 13

Missoni success!

Target was insane today!  I got the loot I looked for except for the ever coveted throw.   After driving to five Targets, I got the colored rolling suitcase, a baby blanket, a serving tray, and the piece above. When I saw this serving dish, I knew it was perfect for our dining room table.

 I'm still on the fence about keeping the suitcase even though it's my favorite piece.  Should I keep it? 

Monday, September 12

Jcrew's PS1 Inspired or Copycat?

J. Crew couldn't help themselves from copying the PS1's illustrious silhouette, but who can blame them?  I think it's a great and affordable alternative with an interesting biker chic side detailing.   The Darlington Satchel is $278.   Don't forget you can order items in stores for free shipping and if you're a student, you get a discount!  If I didn't already have my dream PS1 bag, I would snatch this baby up... 

Sunday, September 11

Prabal Gurung: S/S 2012

The first look in this collection is just perfect; it reminds me of a glamourous scorpion princess tea party dress.  The collection's colors, patterns, sheer fabric overlay and bold accents make this collection a breath of fresh air when thinking of fall.  This RTW line definitely feels like it's pushing the boundaries and I LOVE it.  I'm glad to see Prabal take this chance to explore the artistic limitations of his more conventional and safe pieces in previous collections.

"Inspired by Araki's Sensual Flowers series, he collaborated with a printmaker in London to create a floral motif at once beautiful and lurid: Close inspection of the purple, green, and black blooms revealed that they were already withering. The engineered print appeared on everything from a silk georgette dress, accessorized with a black leather and silk cord harness, to a fitted wool pantsuit, neither that unlike things he's done before. But when he wasn't using the print, Gurung was tweaking fetish materials—hand-painting and lacquering latex for a coat, or lining a laser-cut leather T-shirt in mesh. It was more than a lot to take in. Peekaboo, too, was a central conceit: Sheer panels were inset at the waist or hips of dresses, and other items were more see-through tulle than anything else." - Nicole Phelps

 Araki image courtesy of artnet and Prabal Gurung courtesy of style.com

Derek Lam S/S 2012


Loving Derek Lam and so are the critics!  From style.com: Derek Lam's inspiration comes from,"Richard Neutra's Kaufmann House in Palm Springs: 'Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack crooning by the piano and Angie Dickinson lounging by a crystal-blue pool. Mid-century louche and luxury.'"  For me, a long-awaited tour de force by a designer from whom I've always sensed great potential.

The design inspiration is a perfect example of how architectural and fashion design intersect and what emerges from it is an interpretation that creates a dialogue between different creative fields.

 Kaufman House photos courtesy of art info and la times.

Friday, September 9

Porter Grey : In the midst of summer...


Spotted at Refinery29.com's top 10 new designers to follow.  I love Porter Grey's minimal and ethereal aesthetic.  Although the pieces aren't necessary showstoppers on their own, they would be cherished and delicate "go-to" pieces in your wardrobe.  To me, I would wear them as a beautiful secret disguised in simplicity.

All beautiful dreamy images courtesy of portergrey.com

Thursday, September 8

Fashion Night Out's Survival Kit

For all you New Yorkers out there, prepping and pumped for Fashion's Night Out, I've put together a small list of items that will keep your hair and face looking amazing throughout the night.  Whether you're hopping up and down broadway in Soho, strolling on the Upper East Side to Barneys and Bergdrofs, or chilling out in Brooklyn -- all of these items are useful and can keep you looking cool, glam or just "put together"all night long.   Above are the the things I wish I had known and brought with me & below is the reason why.

So... last year, I had the brilliant idea to go to Barneys for FNO with my best friend, who lives near Columbia.  We got dressed up, splurged on a cab, showed up, and then accidentally (and I mean accidentally) stood in a crowd of about 200 teenagers waiting for Mary Kate and Ashley to show up.    I don't know why we did it - we sort of just stood there wondering what was happening and then before I knew it, I was surrounded by a crowd of girls wearing Jonas Brothers' bracelets.  So maybe that's the spirit of Fashion's Night Out, anyone can show up to anything.

"But why didn't you leave?," you ask.  Well, I don't know if it's just me but FNO sets up expectations that something incredibly fashionable will happen to you tonight.   For me, however, the consequence of fulfilling this small expectation was standing still -- on principle alone -- in 6 inch Finsk wedges for about 2 hours waiting for MKA.  (Oddly enough, I didn't even really care to see them, I was just determined to benefit from the time I had already wasted waiting for them.)  It seemed like there was no A/C in the room, I was sweating, dehydrated, my feet were swollen, and on the verge of passing out.  All the while, Tavi, Simon, Liya, Karlie, and others made appearances to calm the masses but it ended in a teenage riot.   After that night, I promised myself that I would never again do FNO.  But you know what they say: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  Since I'm in Texas now, I would kill to do FNO again so for those of you attending, here are the few items I wish I had to get me through the night!   Keep your head above water, stay strong and have fun y'all!

Survival Kit:

1. Hourglass Primer, Sephora
2. Urban Decay All-Nighter Long Lasting Setting Spray, Sephora
3. Klorane Dry Shampoo, Sephora
4. Dr. Scholl's Blister Defense Anti-Friction Stick, nearby drugstores 
5. YSL Volupté Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color, Sephora

(There is a Sephora and Duane Reade on every corner - and you won't regret it!)

Wednesday, September 7

Shop Zara's August Lookbook Online Now!

You can now officially shop at zara.com today!  Dreams are coming true all through America right now through a digital shopping cart and your cc digits.    Here are some looks from the August lookbook that I love and what I love about them.  Maybe this will motivate you to mosey on over to zara.com asap before these pieces are gone (in your size)!  Because we all hate when that happens...

Here is fashionologie's perfect description of the August 2011 line: "Look Sharp": Zara's August lookbook is out, full of clean-cut silhouettes in a femme-masculine mix that feels just right for Fall 2011. Look for waxed trousers, smooth-line blazers, and button-up shirts — along with a smattering of fur, sequins, and optical prints — in a super-rich palette of navy, forest, and rust.

The selected pieces in this post are dedicated to Sunny Yang, who loves faux fur and all things tailored.