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Margarita Saplala

Brooklyn-based Margarita Saplala designs a contemporary, playful feminine collection with original artwork and prints.  In New York City, the collection is available at Sucre, Otto and A. Cheng, Margarita Saplala was born in Manila, Philippines, before moving to Chicago with her family at the age of 2, where she ultimately studied fashion design at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.  It took 17 years before Margarita returned to Manila, and ever since makes regular trips to visit family and learn about the culture.  

The uniqueness of Margarita Saplala’s prints reflects her fondness for the colorful memories from her many trips to the Philippines. She loves playing with colors and she gets a creative feed from the environment during her visits to the Philippines, “ you see a lot of beautiful embroidery, colorful tribal costumes and Manila is just bustling with color” Margarita explains. “I always loved color and I mix my memories with new topics that interests me”.

Spring Summer 2012 Inspiration:

This collection is inspired by the magic hour. The of the day when the sun is set, but there is still light in the sky. The yellow fades and hues of pinks, oranges and blues are on the horizon. Abstract elements of the magic hour mied with island kitsch clothing result in a modern interpretation of tiki dresses and Hawaiian blouses. Blown up pineapple prints acquire a reptile texture, banana shapes create floral patterns, as repeated images of the horizon during the magic hour become hazy free flowing stripes. The silhouettes of the collection reflect the same kind of airiness captured by the prints.

Images and content courtesy of Rachel at w29 showroom and Margarita

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