Tuesday, January 10

Paloma Beauty + Kick Pleat + Evette Richards + Amber Hodgson + Nicole Mlakar


Look at that amazing braid!

I live above the most amazing beauty salon. Levi, one of the owners of Paloma Beauty Parlor, recently showed me a series of photographs that is the product of the collaboration between so many creative and talented folks here in Austin.  It showcases the work of  hair stylist Amber Hodgson (who does AMAZING color), Evette Richards (co-owner, esthetician, and make-up artist extraordinaire), the lovely ladies over at Kick Pleat (one of my favorite boutiques here), and incredible photographer ©Nicole Mlakar (pet and lifestyle photographer to the stars).   Each look features so many different and beautiful elements that I often take for granted in most fashion photos -- in this case, the contouring of the cheek, the texture of the braid, framing Kaylan's arm perfectly to showcase the bracelets on her arm,  and the list goes on...  These photographs are also wonderful because they take place across the street from our building before major construction goes on soon so it's a nice record of where the wild and beautiful things are.

Photographs:  ©Nicole Mlakar http://nicolemlakar.com/blog 
Hair by Amber Hodgson + Make-Up by Evette Richards, www.palomabeauty.com
Styled by Kick Pleat, www.kickpleat.com
Models: Kaylan Burnette, Jessica Olsen

All images copyright, all rights reserved of ©Nicole Mlakar

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