Friday, January 6

Urban Decay Naked 2


I'm so excited that the highly anticipated Urban Decay Naked 2 palette is available online today through Sephora.  As everyone knows, it sold out in 2 hours the day it was released on Urban Decay's website so I just received an email about their availability.  I am just posting this to share the good news because I know I'm ordering mine today -- it has to be the only other eye shadow palette set I own other than the original Naked.  The colors literally go with everything and you can do so many looks.  I hear the palette is better and the packaging on this one is slightly cooler than the older velvet one.  Check out the Naked and Naked 2 palettes - they are must haves if you wear eye makeup!  Urban Decay has always been, since I started wearing makeup, my go-to for eyeshadows.  So I'm getting Naked too.

P.S. I've only seen Naked - the original - in Sephora stores, twice, ever.  I'm serious. It's the iPhone of makeup.

Images via temptalia.
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