Tuesday, February 28

GROWING Jewelry Trunk Show

My outrageously talented artist, jewelry maker, and florist friend, Christy, recently launched, GROWING, a new jewelry line that's entirely handmade and entirely beautiful.  (She has some serious style.) The great news is Opening Ceremony just picked up GROWING so be on the watch out for it on their website and in-stores.  As for my fellow Austin locals, you can take a gander at Christy's new jewelry at her trunk show this coming Saturday from noon to 6pm at Kick Pleat.  Each piece in her collection is meticulously crafted with the most thoughtful color schemes and gorgeous materials.  It would definitely be worth checking out her collection just to see them up close if you're a jewelry-fiend because GROWING is one to watch!  

Growing Trunk Show @ Kick Pleat - noon to 6pm
Kick Pleat
918 W. 12th St.
Austin TX 78703 

There will be more to come on Christy & GROWING in the future!

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