Saturday, February 11

Oh my god: Rag & Bone A/W 2012

This new collection is on another level.  I am not using this term loosely, but rather, to actually draw your attention to the level of detail in each layer of every piece.  Look closely and try to take it in.  It's overwhelming -- in a good way.  From the fabrics to the prints (look at them!) to the unexpected metallic detailing, this almost doesn't even seem like the same company except for the fact that they are true to their causal yet tailored classic point of view.  It somehow balances edgy details with what feels like a really comfy sweater.  Can this get any better?  I just really can't believe that I will be seeing clothes at their price range on racks this upcoming fall.  It's hard to imagine what these pieces will really look and feel like in person.  I just cannot wait.  Also, some of the photos suggest that they are coming out with handbags and new shoe shapes.  Hats off to you Rag & Bone for a new chapter in your brand.  

P.S. Your stylist is a badass with a belt.  For real.

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