Thursday, March 22

Asli Filinta S/S 2012


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I was recently contacted by up-and-coming Turkish designer, Asli Filinta about her new eponymous collection for Spring/Summer 2012, called The Paragon Parrot.  Asli is not only one of the nicest designers I've ever been in contact with but as you can see, she's also gorgeous! She's recently been picked up by some heavy hitters like Barneys, Opening Ceremony and basically my favorite shopping destinations.  I also got a sneak peak of her A/W 2012 collection and it's dynamite.  Asli has a talent for creating pieces that tell stories by mixing prints and layering interesting textures and fabrics on specific pieces.  Her collection is currently inspired by the story "The Merchant and the Parrot," originally written by Mathnawi I.  She excerpted the sections, 1547-58, 1575-1577, 1586-1592, 1649-1657,1691-1701, 1815, 1825-1832, 1845-185, which shows that she took great care to use selective literary passage as a point of departure for her fashion designs. As a result of her intellectual and creative energy, I think there is an understated-ness that makes these pieces wardrobe basics but at the same time, I think they have detailed elements that uniquely embellish their simple silhouettes.  I'm really excited to see these pieces in the stores and to see what Asli's talent and intelligence has to offer in the future!

All images courtesy of Asli Filinta.    

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