Thursday, March 8

Behind the Scenes: Rag & Bone Backstage


It's no secret that I love Rag & Bone.
And more so, I love backstage photos of fashion shows.
Mainly because they capture stillness amidst commotion.
They both de-glamorize the process, 
while making the process more real
and captivating.
I also love to see how the designers and makeup and hair artists
 interact with the models,
and how bored and silly and happy they look until they have to

And yes, he is seriously holding his daughter backstage post-show.
I love these guys;
they show such intense focus and such exuberant joy
in these photos.

on a completely unrelated note,
zoë is having their annual 20% spring sale,
which means 20% off every single new spring item.
yes, for real.  and new jersey doesn't have tax.
just saying...
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