Tuesday, April 10

Balenciaga Color Blocked Heel Bootie

So I literally just posted, a few hours ago, about how I am not a shoe investment person.  
What I haven't said is that, I haven't been baller status regarding shoes or clothes lately.  
I've been absurdly practical either with safe (leather) investment pieces 
or cheap colorful patterned tops from you know it, foreva 21.  
These Balenciaga booties, however, have made me want to achieve baller status again.  
I mean, they have all the qualities I look for in a shoe:

1. Boot
2. 4+ inch heel
3. 1+ inch platform
4. Navy
5. Wooden block heel

and then they have a mosaic tiled into the heel in my favorite colors of all time.  
Why am I posting them on here, in a public forum 
so that you can purchase what seems to be only 3 boxes left, one in my size? 
Because I'm that obsessed. 
I'm playing Russian Roulette with the internet.

Image courtesy of yoox.com
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