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Favorite Trends from Resort 2012

I have a confession to make: Resort wear is my favorite collection during every fashion cycle.  There is something so effortless yet playful about resort wear.  It's possibly because I live in a warmer climate or that I'm attracted to prints but resort wear always impresses me.  It's the underdog season of the fashion world and I really feel like it's the perfect in-between.   It never feels over-thought possibly because of the lack of runway pressure or whatnot but nonetheless, here are some of my favorite looks from next summer's resort wear collections.  Okay, I'll admit that Pre-Fall is a close second.  Thanks to the cut for reminding me of how much I love it.   So here's a new thing, here are my thoughts about the following outfits:

Bejeweled Necklines: My first question is when did bejeweled collars stop being a trend, especially with the onset of bejeweled collared necklaces?  I can see Blair from Atlantic-Pacific or Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere wearing this girly pastel number from Moschino.

 Probably my favorite outfit from the "bejeweled neckline" trend by Phillip Lim.  I love the vertical stripes linen suit contrast to the heavy neck and printed shirt.  So up my alley.

2. Bra-cut Tops: I'm not even sure if that's the name for it but I've named it that because that's what it looks like.  Okay Altuzarra, I didn't like you before when you were dressing old rich fashion ladies but now, you're getting a little playful for me and I'm liking it.   Does anyone else notice my penchant for linen here?   I am starting to see how you are the "fashion darling" now.  Although let's be real, this is recycling Proenza Schouler's signature bodice from you know, from way back when. 

3. Culottes:  So universally unflattering on everyone especially when seen on women on their way to do yoga.   Carven does a good job here with proportions - love that fitted jacket that honestly does not belong in resort wear.  But I'm a sucker for outerwear.   

Celine/Philo always finds a way to make anything so fking cool.  That color combination should never be underestimated.

4.  "Cheeky Prints":  Need I say more?  Below: Carven killin' it in their own subtle metallic way

BCBG:  I want to buy this and wear it right now sans those sunglasses.  

Mara Hoffman:  Basically, the dress version of her bathing suits, which blew up.  Why are cute bathing suits so hard to find?  Anyway, sans sunglasses again, this look is amazin'.  I'm glad she's such a maestro at prints.

5. Jumpsuit.  McQueen:  On another level.  Man Repellent.  Also, what does that look like when you aren't standing like that?  I guess we'll see...

Lanvin.  Gangster chic.  It's so wrong it's right sans visor.  (Sunny)

6.  Peplum/Ruffle Combo: Once again Altuzarra (whose name I keep getting confused with Althusser you prove me wrong.  Love that detailing on the bodice, I'm telling you.

7. Transparency:  Probs my favorite trend of the season.  Stella does an amazing job here with the mesh.  That's pretty weak transparency though.   Look for this trend on the street and buy a black lace bra.

8. Olympics:  Yes.  That's what's happening.  I had to throw this in there.  I just had to.  Also, I love those pants, they'd go really well with my hot pink Nike free runs.  It's kind of like business on the top, party on the bottom.  

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