Sunday, June 17

i'm back & zara moto jackets

Hey folks, sorry about the long hiatus.  I've relocated and irresponsibility stopped posting but I'm back and better than ever.  (not really, but let's pretend.)   Yesterday, I was in the Soho Zara spotted a few pretty great moto-style pieces. The personal shopper in me may have remembered that my dear friend Sunny mentioned that she was looking for a white moto vest once, so I saw this guy and haphazardly did this:

Oh how good lighting and the absence security sensor tags and that questionable apricot top make an outfit more glamorous.  Now if you know me, you know that I basically am always looking at leather goods -- whether that be  jackets, BAGS, and shoes.  I mean, I'll be honest, these may be the ONLY things I'm willing to buy lately.  That, and glasses... which I will post in a very different post.  That being said, I've been obsessed with finding a reasonable priced leather jacket and remember seeing one on blair of atlantic-pacific from zara, I think I realized that I can find a good quality jacket from high street fashion stores, which translates into less than $500.  Here are some of my favorites:

The third one is my favorite but I need a black one.  Basically my theory is that if you feel like you need to edge up your wardrobe, invest in a moto style leather jacket that reflects, to the amount of details, what you wear.  Maybe I'm delusional but I'll think you're more badass for it.

Zara doesn't bother naming things and categorizes these under "blazers"?

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