Monday, July 2

What's In My Bag?

The voyeur in me loves to peek into other peoples' bags so I thought it would only be fair to share what's in mine.  There's something really interesting about knowing what people consider to be important enough to carry around all day.  I feel like you really get to know a person when they lay it all out.  Here's the break down:

1. Lip gloss/balms. I am obsessed with avoiding dry lips and am convinced that you should always have lip gloss in your bag because you always look better in pictures with lip gloss on.  While on a layover in the Houston airport yesterday, I picked up a super sparkly Chanel Glossimer Gloss #149 in Nakkar.   It makes me feel flirty and fun.  Other lips: Dior Lip Gloss Color Reviver Balm, Sephora Be Your Stain in Peach Gelee (very natural and adjusts to different skin tones), and finally, my tried and true Sugar Lip treatment lip balm.  I use it so often I'm on #5.

2. Bobbi Brown Blush.  Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue for Lips and Cheeks in #10 Rose.  I just bought this recently as a mirror, lip gloss/stick, and blush.  The color is incredibly fresh and you can apply it with your fingers.  Perfect for on the go when you have little time and few supplies.  It's small but has a mirror for those times when you really need one.  I really like all-in-ones.

3. Tatcha Blotting Paper. Japanese Beauty Papers called Aburatogrigami made with gold flakes.  I have oil-prone skin so it's perfect for touching up after a long day.  Watch for a Tatcha giveaway soon!

4. Matchsticks by J. Crew.  Lifesavers.  Never underestimate the power of double stick tape.   This tape is no joke sticky and there are a ton in there so I'll never need to buy it again.

5. Sephora Express Cleanser Wipes.  These are simple, cheap, for sensitive skin, and get the job done.

6. Sephora Hair Ties. They are small and compact and come in that a flat little piece of cardboard.  These elastic hair ties are superior and never snag.

7. Peter Thomas Roth SPF Powder for Oily Skin. It's always good to lightly touch up your skin with SPF on those extra hot days.

8. Eye mask.  I travel a lot and am capable of falling asleep everywhere and at any time of day.  Blocking out the light really helps me feel restful and serene.

9. Prada "Baroque" Sunglasses.  I've wanted these ever since I saw them in a Prada ad and haven't been able to find them since.  I got a good deal on them and am excited to have them in my collection.  Sunglasses help prevent wrinkles!

10. Muji Pens and Pencils.  I'm a pen and stationary snob and no one can beat the price and quality of Muji office supplies.  They are a must-have in my life no matter what because I'm an academic and need to write things down constantly.

11. My iPhone.  I am addicted like everyone else and don't know how to function without it.  

12.  Comme des Garçons Wallet.  I'm obsessed with finding the perfect wallet and ladies and gents, I contend that this is my favorite.  I've had it for years and it's still going strong.

13. Bag.  Proenza Schouler's PS 1 in saddle.  It's so functional and is starting to wear in really nicely.