Tuesday, August 14

Mind Blowing Prints: Clover Canyon Resort 2013


So you know that point at the end of the summer where resort has been released and stores are only carrying fall and you're clamoring for the temperature to drop?  That's where I'm at.  The illusion of resort makes me think, though it be for next year, that I could somehow wear resort right now.  While everyone  is (or maybe I am?) trying to justify wearing boots or a jacket, I'm just sweating in cambray dreaming of resort.

Getting a print + color combination is so hard that when it's right, it's so right.  Clover Canyon is gaining a lot of momentum with their silhouettes, colors, and most of all, prints.  I'm seeing a hint of mexico, barrios, and the ocean in this collection?  Too lazy to read up on what the inspiration / concept actually is.

Let's be real, Clover Canyon's a/w is not so great.  I feel like they are one of those brands that are stellar during s/s & apparently resort but their prints and patterns don't translate well into a fall palette or winter materials.  With that said, eat up these resort photos because they.are.not.available.to.you. until you withstand the brutish winter months ahead.  Total tease.

Photos from clovercanyon.com
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