Friday, August 10

Growing Jewelry by Christy Curcuru

$150 (click to purchase)

I would, without a doubt, wear Growing jewelry everyday if I could -- no matter what I'm wearing, I know I could throw one of these necklaces on and it would take my outfit to the next level.  I'm obsessed with the juxtaposition between the metals, organic elements, and playfulness of each of these pieces.

There's not enough to be said about Growing Jewelry by my dear friend and one of my style inspirations, Christy Curcuru.  Christy's effervescent spirit and distinct aesthetic translates into making each of her jewelry pieces so wearable and special.   My Growing bracelet is one of my trademark pieces and I love it because it draws in so many different types of people who are all attracted to Growing in different ways.

Her pieces are affordable and handmade so you should definitely check out her store!  My favorite piece is the aluminum necklace with the front and back detailing so if you wear your hair up in a top knot, it really stands out on the back of your neck.  More on Growing in the future!   Check out her blog too-- it's full of inspiring images.

Below are her pieces from her S/S 2012 at Opening Ceremony:

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