Friday, August 17

So Damn French: Comptoir Des Cotonniers

Do you see double?  Ha!

How is this brand so damn French?  Even their name is overwhelmingly and superfluously a mouth-full of French: Comptoir Des Cotonniers. I mean, in every single way, it is so quintessentially what I imagine every single French girl in my mind wearing.  (Why do we do that?  Idealize French women so much?)  There are so many looks, it seems like this brand honestly must have a very creative director and a very indecisive editor, which makes sense.  It's like H&M on French crack.  There are so many looks and they've named each and every one of them under a certain type of "style."  I kind of want to go to NYC tomorrow and blow a bunch of money at their store in soho.  Ugh, So-No.

What are your favorite looks?  You can go to their site and find out what your "style" is.

Photos from comp/toir/des/co/ton/ni/ers.  (7 syllables? my friend)
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