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Deceptively Inexpensive Forever 21 Dresses

So I just recently solicited some feedback about what readers would like to see from the blog and one of them is:  affordability.  breathe design is a space where I curate the things I love and for the most part, want, but don't have.  However, in my real life, I've become a notorious money saver and take a lot of pride in finding clothes that look "expensive" but in actuality, are completely not.  I think it takes a lot of research, a keen eye, and most important, a shopping addiction to sharpen these completely useless skills.   Right now, Forever 21 is kind of my spot and amidst the disgusting array of terrible materials and club body-con dresses, there are amazing knock off pieces that are the cheapest you can find... even cheaper than Target.  Know that!  I like to invest in key pieces but when it comes to trends, I'm hasty and impulsive and I'm okay with that.  Below are the reasons why.

Prada Fall 2012
Rag & Bone Spring 2012 
 Proenza Schouler Spring 2012
No point of reference.  I just like it because it's fun!  Style it with a black tights, a leather jacket and now we're talking.
Faux DVF anyone?  Print is dynamic but also great for work.  Apparently it looks better on.

Forever 21 Picks:

I'm probably going to buy all the above.  Since most people say that they hate the store because it's overwhelming and makes you feel like exploited, ashamed, dirty, and deaf, here are some key tips for navigating Forever 21 as quickly and thoroughly as possible. (For other pieces, there's plenty more where this came from.  Stay tuned.)

(1) Know what cuts and shapes work for you.  They repeat a lot of styles in different prints so if you have one piece that you really love in a certain color/print/etc. -- look out for that immediately.
(2) Stay away from that rough polyester material.  Don't convince yourself it's okay because it's not.  You'll wear it once and probably get a rash.  Don'
(3) When it comes to print, it should be an immediate yes/no.  If you are not sure about a print, it's probably not good and you just think it is in relation to the crap around you.  (seriously, it becomes a time warp.)  Also, don't let prints/shapes from afar trick you into thinking it's good when you get up close.  It happens A LOT.
(4) Check out the jewelry.  There are so many good finds and for some reason they are all either $4.80 or $7.80.  It's ridiculous.  Who cares if it looks cheap, no one can tell.  No one is ever that close to you and you know what, looking cheap isn't always a bad thing.
(5) That extra embellishment that should NOT be on that piece of clothing is NOT okay.  You shouldn't have to live with the extra zipper/bow/sequin/patch/pleather/etc.  Skip it.  They know how to ruin a good thing and you shouldn't put up with it.
(6) Buy cheap basics.  They are good there.  I'm talking bras, tank tops, leggings, whatever.  If you are weeping over $2.80 for a tank top, you probably should not read this blog.  It probably offends you to no end.

For those of you who complimented my clean blog, sorry, this list wasn't clean but then again, is Forever 21 ever clean?  Can you ever feel organized there?   No.  They disorient you, that's how it works, but you're a warrior.  

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