Tuesday, November 27

Holiday Gift Ideas for Under $75

I have to make a confession here:  I enjoy shopping for gifts for other people more than I do myself.  Maybe it's some unhealthy desire to please people but if I had a dollar for every time I wanted to just buy something for someone because it was so *them* I would really have a lot of money to buy them those things.  As the holidays approach, here are some of my favorite ideas for gifts under $75 this season!  This is part of a series of gifts that I'll post for the upcoming weeks!

Alyson Fox for West Elm Chevron Pillow Covers $29:  Alyson Fox has been an amazing force in graphic prints for fashion for awhile now and her collaboration with West Elm stays true to her aesthetic, while making her art for lifestyle items affordable.

Coco Chanel Rogue Allure Lipstick $44: No girl will turn down a tube of Chanel lipstick in a classic red.  Even if she declares that she will just never wears such a *bold* color, it feels special and classic, and there will be an occasion that just calls for a red lipstick in every woman's life.

Handmade Growing Bracelet $75: You may not know what kind of necklace or earrings to get but in a world of arm parties, getting an incredibly original yet simple bracelet is a way of giving a handmade heartfelt and versatile gift.

Customized Baggu Tote Bag Collection $45-52:  These tote bags allow you to add a letter in 4 different font styles on them to customize them for your friends.  The Baggu duck bag is one of my favorite tote bags of all time because it's extremely durable, chic, and practical.  You can snap it up 3 ways-- wear it on your shoulder, around your body or as a tote.   Think of how cute it would be to have your friend's first initial on it!

Cashmere Infinity Scarf $79: Who doesn't love cashmere and who doesn't love infinity scarfs?  This scarf in so many colors would make for a luxurious gift for a loved one over the holidays.  Right now, this scarf is on sale for $79 from $99.  For any woman in your life, this is a safe no-brainer for that person who you just can't figure out what they like.

Stay tuned for more holiday gift ideas!

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