Sunday, December 16

Dussen Dussen

I love these prints since I'm a print fanatic.
They're just right for everyday wear.

Sunday, December 9

Re: Neiman Marcus + Target Collaboration

#fail?  I think not.  I'm so pleased to see that everything is still online and i can shop using my brain at full capacity, rather than buying things because of supply v. demand.  I am liking some of these things but i just wanted to point out these two things because quite frankly, one is très cool and the other is ridiculous but in an important way.

I think the Band of Outsiders cookie cutter set is *dare I say it* a mass marketed work of art.  It's sheds comical light on the entire collaboration and exploits the idea of infusing "designer"-ness into holiday-specific kitchen items.  In all honesty, the hyped-up entire *epic* Neiman Marcus + Target collaboration has, in my opinion, exposed the illusory appeal of getting designer duds at affordable prices.  It forces us to ask ourselves: what creative roles do designers have in the cultural and economic market, and why we pay more money for what they create?

At the end of the day, this collaboration has been underwhelming in sales because it reflects the over-saturation of the religious allure of the "name-brand" for the status-concerned consumer out there.  While many of the items are unique and wouldn't normally be found at Target, it also seems that the price increase for such items might not justify their value, making even the most aesthetically-inclined customer think twice about a X for Target product.  The existence of these objects, marketed, produced, and deliciously packaged as they are, force consumers to choose between the needs and wants of their everyday lives-- and more, to distinguish between what's timeless and what's trendy.

Perhaps not consciously, it seems to me that people have started to see that craftsmanship actually plays a role in the value of objects.  In fact, this collections points out how mass market consumers interpret the significance of the design process for private versus public objects.  It also raises questions about the integrity, vision, and creative choices that fashion-industry leaders make even in regards to such quotidian objects.  Ultimately, I think the irony of $29.99 Band of Outsiders' cookie cutters say it all-- they probably knew that they would still make a profit even if these little cutters ended up sale bins on the end caps of kitchen aisles in Targets across America.

Saturday, December 8

Breathe Design Madewell Picks

Today as in the last few weeks, Madewell has offered 25% off their entire site + free shipping.  CODE: CHEERS.  Since I've been focusing on my wedding stuff, I haven't had much of a chance to shop there but if I could, I would.  Here is my wish list:

Elizabeth and James Parka:  Love the detailing of this relaxed parka. (She's so pretty!)
Rachel Antonoff Dress:  Talk about a perfectly stunning holiday party dress
Leather Rucksack: On top of my most wanted lists for a long time.
Les Prairies Ankle Boots:  On sale with an extra 25% off -- been on my most wanted lists for a long time
The Zipcode Boot: I tried these on and they are extremely flattering because of where they cut off on your ankle.  On top of that, the heel is just perfect so your feet stay comfortable all day.
Mohair Mix Sweater: Love the subtle detailing around the necklace and so cozy!

Color Track Cardigan: I've seen this on a few girls in New York and it really looks so cute styled with practically anything.  The print is adorable and gives a pop to your good ole' winter cardi.
Striped Duet Dress: I've had my eye on this bugger for some time now.  It's not too pricey either.
Artdot Novelist Dress: I own this dress and it gets more wear from my closet than any other piece of clothing.  It's also on sale with an extra 25% off.  I wish I waited but then again, I wouldn't have been able to wear it all those times.  No regrets.

Monday, December 3

Iro Blue Leather Anabela Jacket

Why did you go on sale?
How did everyone find out?
You are amazeballz.
A sad day for my wantworthy list.