Wednesday, February 29

Arts & Science: Genderless Clothing

With a brief nod to my minimalist tendencies, Arts & Science is a newly launched genderless clothing line out of Japan.   Each piece stands on its own and lends itself to individual tastes, whether male or female.  This explicit point of view towards what is already happening such as women's menswear, etc. is a daring take on what may already be obvious.  The pieces of course remind me of uniqlo's aesthetic but something about the androgynous perspective draws me in further.  Now the question is: will this brand be carried in the U.S. and where?  

Images from

Tuesday, February 28

Ombre Hair Color at Paloma Beauty

I decided to go blonde for spring/summer.
Thanks to Kate Gibson for the color and photo.
She's the best!

GROWING Jewelry Trunk Show

My outrageously talented artist, jewelry maker, and florist friend, Christy, recently launched, GROWING, a new jewelry line that's entirely handmade and entirely beautiful.  (She has some serious style.) The great news is Opening Ceremony just picked up GROWING so be on the watch out for it on their website and in-stores.  As for my fellow Austin locals, you can take a gander at Christy's new jewelry at her trunk show this coming Saturday from noon to 6pm at Kick Pleat.  Each piece in her collection is meticulously crafted with the most thoughtful color schemes and gorgeous materials.  It would definitely be worth checking out her collection just to see them up close if you're a jewelry-fiend because GROWING is one to watch!  

Growing Trunk Show @ Kick Pleat - noon to 6pm
Kick Pleat
918 W. 12th St.
Austin TX 78703 

There will be more to come on Christy & GROWING in the future!

Tuesday, February 14

MSGM Spring/Summer 2012: Print Mania

I love everything about MSGM's collection.  Out of Italy, they may be in my top 3 collections for spring/summer.  The prints are perfect to the point of pushing garish, but not quite.  The site describes their "about me," however ironically, as:

It’s a simple mix of continuous new inputs alongside with the state of being contemporary such as indie music and contemporary art. As a skilled DJ Massimo Giorgetti is able to mix and match his passion and the artistic and aesthetic expressions of artists connected to web world. The outcome: a Kaleidoscope world made of colours, shapes and lines capable of inexorably catching the public interest and attention and acknowledging MSGM as one the most intriguing brand of the moment. 

 While I'm not sure where exactly this statement is going, I'd like to see where the brand is going.  These looks clearly stem from extraordinarily creative and digital influences. The print and color mixed styling of these outfits and this incredibly entertaining model make for an amazing look book.  Watch out - MSGM is about to pop on your radar!

all images via MSGM

Saturday, February 11

Oh my god: Rag & Bone A/W 2012

This new collection is on another level.  I am not using this term loosely, but rather, to actually draw your attention to the level of detail in each layer of every piece.  Look closely and try to take it in.  It's overwhelming -- in a good way.  From the fabrics to the prints (look at them!) to the unexpected metallic detailing, this almost doesn't even seem like the same company except for the fact that they are true to their causal yet tailored classic point of view.  It somehow balances edgy details with what feels like a really comfy sweater.  Can this get any better?  I just really can't believe that I will be seeing clothes at their price range on racks this upcoming fall.  It's hard to imagine what these pieces will really look and feel like in person.  I just cannot wait.  Also, some of the photos suggest that they are coming out with handbags and new shoe shapes.  Hats off to you Rag & Bone for a new chapter in your brand.  

P.S. Your stylist is a badass with a belt.  For real.

Uh, Rachel Zoe A/W 2012: Winning

Damn it, I really love Rachel Zoe's new collection.  I shamelessly love her ridiculousness but I have to admit, this is not a ridiculous collection.  It's a really f*king good one.  I want everything.  What is happening right now?