Wednesday, March 20

Ray Ban Wayfarers

I'm pretty sure the ray ban wayfarer thing is completely over... which is why I just bought some.  It happened with the J. Lo sunnies, does anyone remember?  Nonetheless, I recently bought myself a pair.  It was mainly motivated by the fact that I mainly wear black but I have about 4-5 pairs of brown sunglasses, which makes no sense.

I noticed that Ray Bans made an unusually dark tortoise colored one, which made me cave in. (see below)  They gave me one of those $20 off for your birthday coupons, which was basically the tax, but every time it's sunny out now, I can't wait to wear them.  Also it's really hard to see my eyes through them so I can basically stare at people without their knowledge.  See, I'm doing it right now in this picture and you can't tell.

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