Tuesday, February 26

Veda X Madewell Jean Jacket + Leather Sleeves

Veda x Madewell Jean Jacket with leather sleeves 
is a more affordable version of the highly coveted
Rag&Bone version of the discontinued version of
Alexander Wang's jacket a few seasons back. (ha!)
I have one from Zara that is sad and pleathery but
I'm considering buying this one since 
I love classic denim with an edge.  

Monday, February 25

Utilitarian Chic

I basically aspire to wear this outfit every single day.  
Variations with a lot of intuitive commitment.

Thursday, February 7

Club Monaco Spring 2013

Loving the new spring look book over at Club Monaco.
The prints and geometric lines in the mint and stripes are so fun!

Wednesday, February 6

fashion. by Viva Vena

Let's make fun of others and maybe ourselves a little too...

Tuesday, February 5

Tatcha Giveaway!

If you'd like to receive a free Tatcha Sampler Kit (worth $163),
please comment with your name and email address.
I'll select a winner by 2/14.  

The last line refers to the fact that they usually give you 3 free samples with every order you purchase from their site.

Monday, February 4

Tatcha Skin Care Product Reviews

Dear Gentle Readers,

Although this blog is about fashion, I want to let you in one something... I also waste copious amounts of money on makeup and skincare as well. Due to the disturbing nature of my knowledge about these genres, I don't talk about it on here.  But yes, I'm obsessed with taking care of my skin.  I am pretty committed to my AM & PM skincare routine, so when I was contacted by Tatcha (a Japanese skin-care line based out of San Francisco), I was slightly skeptical.  However, when I received a sample kit from Tatcha, I was impressed with how much they focused on explaining the chemical compound benefits of each product in what would otherwise seem like a pretty booklet about empty promises.  

I was lucky to try out a plethora of their products such as the Pure Camellia One Step Cleansing Oil, Polished Rice Enzyme Powder, Radiant Deep Brightening Serum, Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream, and Gold specked Original Japanese Beauty Papers.  After trying each product, I can honestly recommend the Rice Enzyme Powder, Deep Brightening Serum, and beauty papers.  They aren't just the "best products" from the Tatcha line, but I really believe that they are the best products for what they claim to do on the entire market.  As someone who has wasted too much money on products by Caudalíe, Chanel, Perricone, Ole Hendriksen, Peter Thomas Roth, Kate Somerville, Lancôme, Fresh, CeraVe, Malin + Goetz, and the list goes on, I really would rather save for Tatcha.

In particular, I am on a daily basis, obsessed, with the Rice Enzyme Powder.  It has been at the top of my wish-list for some time now.  I want more. When I'm in Sephora, I basically tell the skincare "experts" that, despite their possible allegiances, the best exfoliator is hands-down Tatcha's Rice Enzyme Powder.  There must be a sparkle in my eye because most of them ask me to write it down afterwards.  It's truly magical and provides instant gratification.  The second you rinse off the powder, which is water-activated into a foam, you feel an immediate glorifying difference in that your skin feels softer than it's probably ever felt.  Excuse me for using the cliche, but there's no way to better describe it then my face feels like a baby's bottom or better. There's a reason the "normal skin" one is sold out on the site.  Just saying.

As for the Deep Brightening Serum, I've struggled with a brief stint of acne scarring for a period of time a few years ago and have spent the last 2 years trying to fade them.  I had some luck with Caudalíe's brightening serum but then its results plateaued.  However, after using Tatcha's Deep Brightening Serum, these acne scars are gone.  I mean, I've completely forgotten about them.  If I get any new minor blemishes, I just put the serum on them and then they go away.  If you're in the market for a brightening serum, I'd skip the Dior Snow, Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Line, Vitamin C serums, or the Caudalíe Vinoperfect Radiance Serum.  They'll do something but wouldn't you just rather speed up the process and save yourself the time and money?  Not going to lie, this is also sold out.  (Do I know how to pick them or what?)

Lastly, I'd like to address that there is an egregious lack of good blotting papers on the market.  You either have the option of the CVS off-brand blue rubber sheet or the Boscia blotting papers.  Let me begin by saying this: those Boscia papers disintegrate when wipping the oil off of your skin. They become sad little crumpled sheets once you move them on your face.  They are often recommended because they are the only brand people had access to other than those weird blue sheets from the drugstore.  However, your life will change when you get your hands on the Tatcha Aburatorigami Blotting Sheets now available at Sephora.  Similar pricing, big difference.  In my own experience, the Japanese have superior blotting papers, even the ones at those cutesy Japanese stationary stores. So Tatcha's gold infused blotting papers are definitely worth the investment if you have oily skin like me.  

So there is my review.  I picked these three for a reason.  I can't say I'm in love with the entire line because honestly, I only have so much love to give and the three products I've discussed above deserve all of that love.   Just try the generously stocked sample kit if you're uncertain and then you can thank me, or actually resent me later for exposing you to a whole new level of skincare.  You will never go back and if you do, you'll always feel like it's an unending compromise.

Luckily for you, I'm going to post a giveaway in the next post.

Sincerely yours,