Saturday, September 5

An Ode to Miu Miu's New Parfume Bottle

I'm simply in love with this bottle from the moment I saw it in a Marie Claire collage -- just perfection. The opulent but quirky shape, the nod to the traditional perfume mister, the color combination, and the metallic touches. I'm contemplating buying it just for the bottle. Miu Miu never ever fails to impress.

You can find it here.

Tuesday, September 1

Native Line Wall Hangings

One of my closest and most stylish friends, Sunny, recently tuned me onto Native Line by artist Justine Ashbee, whose work incorporates woven precious metals, gold, and silvers. They are definitely high on my wish list for our living room, which in time, I'll post on here. These gorgeous handmade wall textiles are just plain inspirational and the last one tops my list.

All images via

Monday, August 31

Kick Pleat F/W Lookbook

Local Austin boutique, Kick Pleat, just released their new refreshing F/W look book. 
I love these pieces' textures and colors on soft surfaces. 
There are a lot of feminine fabrics especially in the culotte pants topped off with shiny shoes.
As I tell many folks, a great outfit consists of mixing texture, print, color, and shine.
I think the lookbook does an amazing job with that and not to mention 
that the photographer succeeds in capturing beauty in a the familiarity of an older residential space.

Photos via
Photos by Kate LeSueur

Wednesday, May 6


Maiyet's design approach depends on global craftsmanship, which pays homage to the different prints, processes, and designs of different cultures. I admire brands that attempt to link global artisans together all the while maintaining a cohesive vision for their collection. These dresses tell a story that are each distinct but cut from the same design cloth.

Images via Maiyet.

Friday, April 3

7115 by Szeki

I recently spotted one of 7115 by Szeki's dresses on a local Austin boutique, Garment Modern's, Instagram. I especially love the draping and prints; the kimono silhouette really works for the dresses. They're perfect for summer and are definitely on my wish list now.

Photos via 7115 by Szeki

Wednesday, March 18

COS Picks

Sometimes Wednesday just brings you down and there's nothing better than online (window) shopping. I'm really loving these transitional pieces from COS right now. They're modern but simple. They'd match pretty much anything you'd want to accessorize with and in my opinion, are the kinds of things that are worth the investment.

Monday, March 16

A Détacher Fall 2015

Look at the layers of textures of A Détacher's A/W 2015 collection!
The belted silhouettes reminds me of elegant women warriors.
The coats have so much volume and the knits look so cozy.
And that hair! It's not surprising because
Designer Mona Kowalska's title for the show is "heavyheadedness/wrongfootedness".
I couldn't love the concept or clothes enough.

View the entire collection and images via

Sunday, March 15

Design is Everything: The Work of Paul Rand

Since I'm a graphic design enthusiast and fan of the mid-century modern aesthetic, it's exciting to see that the MoMA has acquired and is displaying a large portion of his archive called, "Design is Everything: The Work of Paul Rand," curated by Donald Albrecht. This article from the Atlantic gives you a good sense of how much of Rand's work has influenced American branding and design. 

This is all to give me an excuse to post this endearing image from the children's book Sparkle and Spin by Ann and Paul Rand on a Sunday morning.

Wednesday, February 11

West Elm Multipixel Rug Love

I dropped by West Elm the other day and saw a sample of this rug. I love its textured "rag rug" feel and the color palette. It's definitely at the top of my list for bringing in colors, patterns, and textures into a space.  The third picture I think speaks to the vibrancy and coziness of the rug because as we all know, it's all about lighting, lighting, lighting.

Tuesday, February 10

Ellie Cashman Wallpaper

I am beyond obsessed with this floral wallpaper pattern by Ellie Cashman since the first moment I've laid eyes on it. Her work is inspired by floral paintings by the Dutch Masters. Our wedding cake was actually a nod to the Masters. The color palette is filled with cool tones and the balance between the muted white flowers and dramatic black background make me swoon. Wallpapering this in a formal dining room would be incredible. You can find the wallpaper here.

You can see how it was vividly inspired by Cornelis van Spaendonck's Still Life with Flowers, 1789

Monday, February 9

New Michael Hsu home

We recently purchased our dream home designed by one of our favorite local architects, Michael Hsu, and are in the process of customizing it. I've learned to appreciate all the hard work and detail that goes into building a home. Above is an illustration of all of the "modern farmhouse" row homes. I love the balance between the two and and can't wait to share my personal journey into interior design and decor on this blog

Thursday, January 15

The Learning Loop by Jason van der Burg

What a clever, simple, and attractive organization stand.  We're currently designing a house and I've been working hard to figure out storage and organizational ideas for our clothes and shoes.   Nobody likes a cluttered entryway and when I saw these on Design Milk the other day, I thought, "What a simple, beautiful, and smart idea."  The Learning Loop by Jason van der Burg is an genius solution since the "compact organizer props itself against a wall and becomes your go-to clothing hanger, gadget shelf, mirror, magnet board, key holder, and shoe rack all rolled into one."  Check it out here.

All images via Design Milk.

Monday, January 12

Louise Bourgeois

Today, I feel inspired by textiles and fabric works fashioned by French artist, Louise Bourgeois, using her old clothes at the age of 70.  The MoMa tells us that, "All the while she constantly made drawings on paper, day and night, and also returned to printmaking. Art was her tool for coping; it was an exorcism. As she put it, 'Art is a guarantee of sanity.' Bourgeois died in New York in 2010, at the age of 98". -MoMa

All images and materials via The Museum of Modern Art