Wednesday, March 18

COS Picks

Sometimes Wednesday just brings you down and there's nothing better than online (window) shopping. I'm really loving these transitional pieces from COS right now. They're modern but simple. They'd match pretty much anything you'd want to accessorize with and in my opinion, are the kinds of things that are worth the investment.

Monday, March 16

A Détacher Fall 2015

Look at the layers of textures of A Détacher's A/W 2015 collection!
The belted silhouettes reminds me of elegant women warriors.
The coats have so much volume and the knits look so cozy.
And that hair! It's not surprising because
Designer Mona Kowalska's title for the show is "heavyheadedness/wrongfootedness".
I couldn't love the concept or clothes enough.

View the entire collection and images via

Sunday, March 15

Design is Everything: The Work of Paul Rand

Since I'm a graphic design enthusiast and fan of the mid-century modern aesthetic, it's exciting to see that the MoMA has acquired and is displaying a large portion of his archive called, "Design is Everything: The Work of Paul Rand," curated by Donald Albrecht. This article from the Atlantic gives you a good sense of how much of Rand's work has influenced American branding and design. 

This is all to give me an excuse to post this endearing image from the children's book Sparkle and Spin by Ann and Paul Rand on a Sunday morning.